Idea generation help

Hi guys, I need your help

We’re looking at starting a new initiative, and it needs a name, and project ideas!

The current plan is offering make and takes Friday evenings. Our first one will hopefully be June 30th, an acid etch glass celebrating 4th of July. We want to try and run something every Friday.

What I need from you-

  • Overall event name ideas

    • The activity will be different, but it will be a regular schedule. So names like “Fabrication Friday” or “taste of the space”
  • Make and take ideas

    • They can’t require prior skills
    • Should be something less than an hour or allow for a large class size

Edit: Bonus points if you come up with holiday specific projects!


For event names, “Make-o-rama” or “Friday Make-o-rama”.

There’s always making a small, simple wood carving. This can be recycled for carving different things.


Friday Fun Days!
Welcome to Space!
Fridays are for Making!
Freebie Fridays!

  • Wood burning/laser cutter (coasters, photo frames, key chains)
  • carving for a woodblock print
  • wire wrap jewelry
  • smelt and cast small trinkets
  • Hand sewn felt dolls
  • Cut and sew a grocery bag
  • Make a pillow
  • simple solder builds (flashlight, speaker, piezo drum)
  • make a quick side table or box or five-board bench from pre-cut pieces?

inspired by the wire wrap jewelry idea - some little chain mail project w/ pre-made jump-rings?


I love this idea and I think it’s a great way to see what sorts of projects have appeal to different groups of people as well! :metal:

I’ve been on an eco-conscious kick for a while and there are lots of small projects that don’t necessarily fit our typical repertoire:

  • Linen napkins
  • Washable handkerchiefs or bidet wipes made from old t-shirts
  • Washable “paper” towels
  • Cloth or laser-cut coasters
  • Crochet/knit koozie
  • Pot holders
  • Visible mending/darning

I also wonder if we could appeal to various local handmade business owners to host DIY soap, lip balm, candles, etc. make-and-takes. My kiddo and I love these little projects along with build kits like what Jody makes and the Crunchlabs monthly boxes that would involve laser cutting and some electronics.

With Wag-n-Tails right next door, I think a team-up would be fun as well. Like making no-sew dog toys, dog houses, or ramps for small, old, enfeebled dogs.


I’ve seen a lot of really cool no-tools-to-assemble bunny houses made on laser cutters - it would probably work for small dogs and cats too!


Hey, @Evelyn, how much for each glass?

This is blazingly cool!

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I’ll need figuring out event details and intents early next week, and will hopefully have a piece point shortly thereafter

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I actually proposed this idea as a class last time class proposals were asked for, I had some ideas in there if there’s a way to find the original form.

We also still have all the supplies for the make and takes from how to holidays including the rainbow strap bags and squished penny earrings. My Fridays are busy now but I can show someone how to make the earrings.


I switched from acid etch to vinyl
Here’s the sample!
Current plan is $20 a glass. I hope to have the Eventbrite and social media posts up late tomorrow


Sadly, this section of life grew complex. Can’t make it tonight.

I consulted chat GPT…

  1. Friday Night Craft Jam
  2. Crafty Friday Nights
  3. Creative Fridays
  4. Friday Fun Crafting
  5. Craft Night Delight
  6. Friday Night Craft-a-Palooza
  7. The Friday Night Craft Hive
  8. Crafty Vibes: Friday Edition
  9. TGIF Craft Club
  10. Friday Night Makers
  11. Crafting Under the Friday Lights
  12. The Friday Night Artisan
  13. Craft Fiesta Fridays
  14. Friday Night DIY Delights
  15. The Craft Lounge: Friday Edition
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BRILLIANT :laughing:
Thank you :smiley:

Have a day called “Space Makers at the makers space” where say two times a month someone teaches a class on how to make a different form of organization…think wooden boxes, how to make a cleat wall, jewelry boxes, a 3d printed desk organizer, personalized file holders on the laser…just cheap things that people will use on a daily basis…and put the makerspaces logo and contact info on them…or something like “I made this at the Lansing Makers Network”…then just sit back and watch the dollars roll in. :rofl: