I'd like an intro class on Kicad (or other) circuit board design software

I’d like to start building some simple PCB’s, taking my prototype breadboards with wires everywhere to a more permanent raspberry pi hat or a arduino shield.

I know the general concept but I think I need that knowledge boost getting comfortable with a circuit board layout package so files can be sent off for board manufacturing.

Would anyone who has experience be willing to teach a class with the intent to get PCB’s made. It could be something as simple as a blinky badge or a learn to solder kit that we would be designing?

I’d be interested in this as well. I’ve used eagle quite a bit, but I’d be interested in learning KiCad!

@RealCarlRaymond ? What about a workshop style like we did with Fusion 360?

A workshop similar to that is exactly what I’m looking for. And the push that I need to finally start getting mail order boards for my proto-projects to be a lore more tidy and permanent.

I’ll start syllabizin’. We have a new Controleo 3 reflow oven that needs a workout.