I was wondering if I could be checked out on one of the 3d printers

@Jtempkin I was wondering someone could be there to help me get checked out on the 3d printers today. If there is a time that could work that would be great. Thanks

I will be able to do this anytime after 5 today. Just let me know.

Hi Brian, thank you so much. I really appreciate your time. I will be there around 5pm

Thank you again,

Hi @Jtempkin, my name is Alba Ried, my son David and I will be there at 5pm.
Thank you so much for your time

Just checkin in, where you two coming i today with the broken printer?

We are available anytime today. what time works for you?

I will be in around 4:30 or so today

Great! We’ll be there

Thank you so much for all the help yesterday. Look at what I printed