I need help moving the paper sheer

I’m working out a book binding class, and need the paper guillotine that’s in backstorage. Here’s a picture of it

It’s awkward, heavy, and on a pallet. I tried moving in a couple days ago with a pallet jack and realized I was going to hurt myself if I kept going.

It’s at minimum of two person job.
I’d like it moved behind the jewelry area here:

I can help right before close on Thursday, or if someone takes initiative and can move it sometime for me this weekend, that would be amazing

There is a blade in the machine, please be careful

If you’re fine waiting until my next shift on Saturday, I can move it for you then. That’ll be the first chance I get at it

We can try sunsay at the checkout, if you are there.

Can it be used where it sits now? It has had little or no use in years. Also, if it is moved, please be very careful of the Habitat cabinet material I have back there. Thank you.

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The sheer has been moved with help from volunteers last night. No cabinets damaged.

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