I have a mostly printed CNC I was considering donating to the space

I built a mostly printed CNC several years ago that I was wondering if the space would be able to use. It sits under my stairs and is sad looking, I would really like someone to get some use out of it. It would need a new router because I would like to keep mine. It is 4 ft x 4ft . It works. Please let me know.

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That’s a generous offer! I suspect it would be a little redundant in our space now with the new big CNC machine (we also still have to do something with the older big machine it replaced), but maybe one of these folks can tell you for sure: @cafwood @RealCarlRaymond @brian.adams

Thanks for the generous offer, but the makerspace is going to pass on the offer. We may have some members who are interested though.

I’d be interested in taking it depending on what you want for it. You can ping me directly at seabrig29@aol.com

I think if the space isn’t interested I will probably just hold onto it for now. If anyone wanted one though it’s a fun project and not that expensive. The 3d printers in the space would work. One thing you need is skate bearings. I’m pretty sure I got a bunch left I would be happy to give you.

Building one looks like a fun project. Is it your own design or did you use plans from someplace?

appreciate the offer for the bearings but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to building one on my own. I have so many unfinished projects as it is. but again. thank you.

I wish I had the skills to design this but no, Google mostly printed CNC. It’s Ryon from V1 engineering. He has lots of cool designs. I built the printer and CNC. He has some larger CNC plans now. I met him once at MRRF in Ohio. Pretty smart guy.

Ok, I have changed my mind about getting rid of my CNC. If I can get at least 3 people who are interested to tell me how they would use it I will give it away. I will give it to the person with the best use for it. I don’t want to give it to someone who won’t use it or just wants to sell it. I will wait and see if I get any interest. Thanks.

Consider me still interested. would you like me to refresh you on what I would use it for?

Sorry for the delay , I was thinking if the space will let me bring the CNC in and set it up on a table I can give a quick demo and then rock paper scissors to decide who gets it. (and will use it) . That seems like it would be fun and easier then me choosing someone. I don’t have a membership right now so I will probably need permission to come in as a visitor. anyone who is interested please give me an idea of a time this could happen. I can deliver it for the person who gets it if they aren’t too far away .Thanks!

Sunday open hours is best for me.