I have a furnace being replaced, does anyone know how to repurpose industrial blower?

Hi everyone, my names Zack and I’m relatively new to the Lansing Community. I’m living in a new home with my partner and we had to replace the furnace. I realized that the blower component shows up on DIY videos all the time.

Was wondering if there we some amazing people who some things and have experience to guide me?

Looking forward to the many future community collaborations!

I used my old furnace blower for a dust filter for my home shop. I found a wire diagram in the user manual for the furnace and purchased a 3 position fan switch off amazon. After testing I used the low, semi low and high wires. There was also a medium setting but I run it at low most of the time. I use the same size filters as my house so I can use old house filters in the shop. It was based off things I’ve seen on Jay Bates and Frank Howarth’s youtube channels. Don’t have any images on hand.