How would i go about making a metal sculpture as such?

Hey! New here! So, i really want to learn how to make a figurine similar to this. i have no experience, and was wondering if someone does/could help me figure out how to do this. It would be a huge help. it doesn’t need to be exactly like the one in the photos BUT ideally i would like it to be “1ft x1ft” and i would like it to be 3d. shiny metal too preferably. please let me know! i really appreciate any advice.
(i would like to replicate something similar to the reference photos shown, but with my design.)

It will help if you are able to draw some designs showing the shape and proportions of the object you want to make. Knowing what metal you want will also help as different metals can have different forming needs.

Here is what I would like to create!

Hi Calvin!
Im currently working on a piece like this. A very simple shape, not this complicated. Basically I’m making a rod sculpture and skinning it in sheet metal. I’d be happy to show you what I know. I’ll be around the space hopefully later this week.

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sweet thank you! i will definitely try and stop in