How to ebonize wood

Interesting video on the YouTube’s on how to “ebonize” wood. I’ve never heard of this before. Though it sounded interesing enough to share.


Coincidentally I was just experimenting with this process last week, after stumbling across some forum posts when I was working on my [real] ebony pen turning project. High-tannin woods like the oak scrap in the photo you don’t even need the pre-treatment, but it did help. The strong tea solution was definitely necessary with the softwood crate though, and even after four alternating coats it’s still only a light chocolate brown…after the first coat it had a weathered look that would probably be great for aging stage props. What’s especially cool is it also works on tan tooling leather, due the tannin used in the [heh] tanning process. It turned some of my leather scraps the same dark blue-black color I saw on some of the leatherworking forums, and I may use it for my next knife sheath project.

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