Hoping to give away or hire someone to restore a beautiful antique dresser

I have a turn-of-the-century dresser that’s falling apart and has been in my garage for a few years, and over the past winter squirrels made a nest in it and chewed it up a bit. It has beautiful burled wood drawer fronts and some other cool antique features like a panel that makes the whole thing lockable. It’s a family heirloom so it would break my heart a bit to throw away, but I don’t have the skills to repair it nor anywhere in my house to put it.
I don’t want to throw it away if someone would want it as a restoration project, or if anyone is intersted we could potentially discuss what it would cost to restore.
Any advice with this is greatly appreciated!
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a lovely piece! I hope someone can help you out w/ this.