Hi, I'm Lisa-Marie

I can’t remember when I joined the space. I think it was in January.

I am new to makerspaces - I didn’t know what they were until I found LMN on Google. After reading more about makerspaces, I realized I finally had a name for what I do… I’m just a maker, I like to make things.

Stuff I make

I mostly work on mosaics - I like to use recycled material from thrift stores and antique stores. I also, just started using the laser cutter in my mosaic work.

Random crafts - handmade cards, DIY projects, natural beauty products.

Most of the things I create, I give away to my friends and siblings. When I feel comfortable in my skillset, I would like to sell things.

Stuff I would like to make

I enjoy using the laser cutter and want to explore using it more. I am thinking a leather project and a paper project.

I want to learn how to make paper and create notebooks from the paper that I make.

I found vintage postcards at a thrift store and I want to make a mixed media project. I never used paper before so I would like to learn more about mixed media.

Eventually, I would like to upcycle furniture and other things found at the thrift/antique store.