Hey, nice to meet you! My name is Danielle

Hello! I’m interested in volunteering/being a member.

I am and artist and a scientist. I have training in sculpture, printmaking, painting, and a bit of graphic design. During my time in science I also helped expand a science makerspace where I learned to 3D print, play around with basic electronics on arduino and raspberry pi, some cnc laser, trained on mills and lathes, and probably other stuff that I can’t remember. Since I helped run the space I also helped shift the space into a new area and tried to figure out outreach and ways to bring in and track users.

Anyway, I have some knowledge, I’d love to gain more and help in any way I can :smile:.


Hi there Danielle, and welcome! Super excited to hear about your experience and interest. It’s strange times at the makerspace, as we’re both working on re-opening for the first time since the pandemic began and facilitating our move into new and larger space. Once we’ve got some more of those details fleshed out over the next week or two, I would love to coordinate a meeting / tour of the space to get you started!

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Sounds good :smile: look forward to it.

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Awesome! I just got into 3D printing and would love a resource that has some advanced techniques when it comes to modeling/meshing.

Super stoked for the space to open up!

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