Henry Moonrod Introduction

Hi! My name is Henry, I just found out about the makerspace through CADL.

Im an artist interested in combining alternative photographic processes with new media and electronics. For work I am a freelance video editor.

Ive worked with the laser cutter at the East Lansing library and have some general woodshop safety experience.

I would like to eventually get checked out for the laser cutter, the CNC machine, the electronics area (not sure what is there, but I assume soldering?), and the machine shop.

My priority right now is the laser cutter and learning the safety rules, so if anyone is free and willing to help that would be awesome!

Im available this week and weekend.



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Welcome to LMN, Henry! The laser cutter is a lot of fun to use. I’m still amazed by how many things can be made with it. I’m not a checkout trainer for the laser cutter yet, but I’d like to join this checkout to become one.