Help us keep the board room clean

Hello all,

I think the board room has been used as a storage room for several months now. In the fall I organized the objects on the counters into the cabinets, and then the counters filled up with stuff again. The tables are also covered with in-progress projects, empty boxes, and materials.

Two groups have asked if we have a meeting place (a neighborhood group and a crafting group) and this would be a perfect place if not for the fact that it looks like (to an outsider) it’s full of trash.

I’m open to suggestions, but if there are no objections or better ideas, I volunteer to inventory the objects in the next week, post them in this thread and recycle/trash/put away the objects. Or, perhaps we do intend for this room to be storage, in which case, I will leave it.

Thank you!


I appreciate the work you put into this space in the fall! And agree that this is a great space for others to utilize, as you mentioned. We also have a potential beadworking teacher…she & I both felt like this would be a good space for her class.

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Please don’t. There are a number of things we’re working on at the moment and some of that is getting stored in the conference room while we figure out where everything is going to live.

If something gets scheduled in the room, of course we’ll shift things around for the event.

Please do let me know when you get requests to use our space so that I can work them to see if it’s a good fit and how we might be able to help.

consider it dropped.

i hope in the future we can find additional storage space because this is a cool room that has been unusable for months. some of the things in here not been touched for months and nothing in the room has a parking pass.

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