Help Request with saw and router

Hi - I am working on a bookshelf project. I am making the bookshelf out of stair treads that have an existing bullnose rounded front edge. On the top shelf I want to match the front bullnose on the sides of the shelf. I have had a recent checkout on the router table but I am unsure how to select the correct bit to match the existing round over. Also, to complete the project I need to make two 1/4 inch rabbet cuts on the sides of the bbookshelf. I am leaning towards using the dato blade on the table saw for this cut. Again, I had a table saw checkout but have never used this blade. I am thinking the router roundover and the rabbet cuts will take like five minutes and I am wondering if there is anyone who will be at the maker space this weekend with experience with these tools that can help me. - Greg

I’m happy to help with that. The dado set is a good choice for a rabbet.

This will be a hectic weekend – no open hours on Thursday through Saturday for the holiday and for our How-To Holiday event. But we’ll be back to normal on Sunday. I’ll be around in the afternoon and can help then.