Help Importing Files From Inkspace to RDworks

Hello All! I am currently working on a laser cutter project (nothing crazy, just cutting out some words with a connected font) and am having trouble importing my file from Inkscape into RDworks. Does anyone know what file/settings you need to use to keep RDworks happy? Every file type I tried (including DXF) returned a No Data! error message when imported into RDworks.

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I know similar errors have occurred for me in Illustrator when the “use compression” box is checked during export of the file. Could there be a similar setting in inkscape?

I had issues even with illustrator. What worked for me was saving my files as an older version of illustrator. I feel our version of RDworks is having issues with newer updated applications. I don’t know if this issue affects other vector files saved under various applications but if you can save it under a legacy or older version of said application, that might help.