Help for Wood shop projects?

Hi all. I am the new woodshop area manager, now that Charlie has taken on the job of education coordinator. I have a couple of projects in mind for the woodshop, and I’d like to have a few helpers on 1 or 2 of them. If you’re interested, leave your name here.

The first 2-3 projects are some shelves and storage near the loading dock and in the southwest storage area. After that - well, do you have any suggestions? Leave those here as well.



Hi Tony, I’d be happy to be a helper for some shelves and storage for the wood shop area. Glad you asked, I was hoping an opportunity like this might pop up.

I’ve only been a member for ~2 weeks so would have to get checked out on whatever you will need me on, but I do have some prior experience on at least smaller models of most of the wood shop machines I saw on my walkthrough, the usual amateur carpenter basics. I also got checked out on the CNC router last week, but that check out is my only experience with any CNC router so far.

For the regular space open hours, my schedule this week is a bit up in the air for this Thursday and Friday. They might or might not work, but Saturday and Sunday should be fine. (I am still awaiting word on whether a new work project will begin on Thursday, should know by EOB tomorrow.) I do have flexibility outside of regular/open hours, but am not sure if my current membership would allow for that.

Let me know what works for you and I’ll try to make it work.

I can help with projects…let me know you’re thinking of doing it

The first project is a bit of drywall work. There’s a corner on the left of the loading dock wall, about 15’ in from the overhead door. Its missing drywall from the floor up to the top of the wall. There are a couple of pieces behind the shelves there that were donated with this fix in mind. I will be in this Sunday about noon to do this. Its a simple fix, but a good place to start. 1-2 others would make quick work of this. Bonus points will be awarded if you have drywall skills or tools, or want to learn some very basics.

Next is the space to the left of the loading dock door. I want to do some shelves and storage for materials, jigs, etc for LMN classes. I need to talk to the owner of some material there first, though. I also want some shelves or storage for wood for classes in that area. There are some metal racks in back that can be used for this. What’s needed first is someone to do some design work . If you can look at a space and visualize a solution, lets talk about what will go there.

Timing on this 2nd project depends on clearing that space. But if you want to talk, come in Sunday around noon if possible.


Sounds good, I will plan on noon Sunday.

I have full access and could bring a helper. but i can only come Tuesday -Thursday. I could use help tit for tat if and when you like in those times.

Im tentatively planning for Tuesday to start the shelves and a cabinet. Whats a good time for you?

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sorry I work Sunday and Saturday.

I just got this, but I worked there all week. I have a wood project that I plan to get supplies for on Monday in the way of 2"x2". from there I will be making a power transfer spinner. would any day next week work?
sincerely sorry I hadn’t checked this earlier.

Mark, i’m confused . Were you available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? What times? Also, what is your project you wanted help with?

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Are running late but on way. We had to get lunch.

We will try again Tues and Thurs

Is help still needed? If so what days/times?

I’m out of own rightnow, so nothing much is happening until i get back around the 24th. The next steps are to put some racks on that wall for storing wood for classes, and a cart under the work top for other storage.

After that, I’d like to clean and organize the south wall of the woodshop. I’d love to hear any suggestions on how to better store what’s there.

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probably too late sorry.