Help flattening wooden panels with CNC

Hello, I’ve glued up a couple layers of baltic birch plywood for a project and there’s a slight twist to the results. They’re for a homemade jointer and need to be as flat as possible. Both are roughly 14" wide by 32" long. I wondered if someone could maybe help me use the CNC to flatten out the twist?

Thank you!

Hey Jonathan, I could help you during my shift this Sunday 7/14 12-3pm or possibly another time this weekend if that doesn’t work for you.

I have never flattened plywood, so I can’t be sure how good the result would be, as it would be exposing the underlying layers and could have some issues related to that. We have a big 2.5in surfacing cutter that could likely do the job, though.

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Thanks Blake this Sunday from 12-3 would be good for me! I appreciate the time and help. I’m ok if the finish quality as we go through the layers isn’t perfect, I’m supposed to put some sheet metal over it all as a wear surface, just has to be as flat as possible and hopefully there isn’t a lot that needs to come off.

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Good luck on the cnc. Just so you know, it is possible to take out twist with the thickness planer, and especially, the thickness sander.

Thanks Charlie for the note and additional options I hadn’t considered. If you’re around any the next few days and want to help me try the thickness sander that would be interesting to me!