Hello, new kid on the block

I would like to get checked out on a few woodshop tools on Fri 4/26 if anyone is available that day.

Tagging who gives checkouts in that area. @Tony @cafwood @RealCarlRaymond @laura_rogers

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Nickreno, i can do checkouts on most tools in the wood shop, but friday is booked. Thursday is possible, or maybe sunday morning. Do those work for you?

Hi Tony,

I can work on some things today if you are still available.

Sorry, I can’t be there today. Will Sunday morning work?

@Nickreno I am possibly doing a wood shop checkout on Friday at 4. Can you be there then?

Hi Tony,

Ryan was able to check me out on all the wood shop machines that I needed except for the lathe, but yes if you can check me out I will be there Friday at 4.

Thanks, DeShaune

Sorry, Nick, i cant do checkouts on the lathes. You will need to talk to Charlie. Btw, he sometimes offers a class in turning that goes much deeper than just a checkout.