Hello - I'm Melody :D

Hello everyone -

I’m Melody, one half of “Team Yellow” or “Team Kurtis”. I’m usually associated with my husband, Ray. We are Properties and Set Dressing Designers for theater, film, and TV. (Link to an article featuring our work from the City Pulse here) We also worked in films as part of the Art Department, Production Designers, Costume Designers, or Make Up (primarily Special Effects).

I’m also a Professional Production Assistant on film and TV projects, as well as a Camera Operator.

In my past life, I worked in the IT field as a Technical Support Analysis for the State of Michigan and EDS/HP (General Motors and U.S.P.S. accounts). I still fix computers or computers issues when NOT on a Prop or film gig.

OK, now that you know I’m a creative and brainy chica … I love the concept of the Makerspace. To me, it’s a respite. The people here all have passion to create or fix whatever they want. I love conversing or exchanging ideas with others here.

At any rate, nice to meet you all!

Melody :slight_smile: