Hello, I'm Heidi

Hi there, my name is Heidi and I recently joined the space. I have a lot of projects stuck in my head and this seems like the right place to to make them happen.
Some of you may know my husband John, and that together we are building a teardrop style camper. I am hoping to work on some of the final bits and pieces for my camper as well as start a few new projects at the space.
These bits and pieces range from electrical (finding the best solutions for how to run power which uses ac when there is shore power, to dc when there is not…and charging the battery during down times, along with exploring solar power as a source…) to finishing the kitchen galley space in the rear.
I am hoping to learn more about the cnc machine and woodworking for a table project I’d like to start. I am very excited to get started on these projects and learning new things!
It is very nice to meet everyone, I look forward to seeing you at the space!