Heat issues at the makerspace

As many of your are aware, the furnace has been cutting off during the night and needs a hard reset to start working again. Pioneer was here today to diagnose it, but they weren’t able to reproduce the problem. He did do a maintenance, tune up on it, but we’re not sure if this has fixed it yet.

If you come in in the AM and the furnace isn’t working (the thermostat is blank and doesn’t respond to touches), please get ahold of me (dial 999 on the front desk phone, or call or text if you have my number) so I can call them to come out when the furnace is in fault.

Hopefully if we’re able to get them here when it’s not working we can get to the bottom of the problem.

I’m replying here more as a matter of interest in documenting an observation which may be of value in trouble shooting rather than a potential problem identification.

Having been at the space overnight many times in the past month, I have not once seen the thermostat go blank on me. The difference between someone being at the space and not is

  1. the length of time between moments of activity on the thermostat
  2. it’s “mode” (operating on automatic verses on hold).
  3. the temperature in the space.

It’s probably been done, but have we replaced/tested the battery in the thermostat? If temperature is a contributor, that would make sense.

Yes thermostat has been replaced (and has no battery).

It has also happened when people are at the space. Never witnessed of course b/c one doesn’t notice it until it gets cold enough to wonder what happened to the heat.

Do appreciate the help troubleshooting / observations though.

Pioneer was here this morning while it was in fault and we think we’ve gotten to the bottom of it.

If you notice the thermostat locked up again, please let me know so we can start trouble shooting again.

out of sheer curiosity, what WAS the problem?

Provided the problem doesn’t return, a faulty duct smoke detector.

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