Happy new year! (And some important reminders!)

Hello everyone! I hope the new year is treating everyone well!

As we all try and figure out the current evolution of the COVID-19 situation, just a friendly reminder that masks are still required while indoors at LMN. Safety glasses are also required when in the shop areas. When these two things find themselves in conflict (safety glasses are fogging up, for example), safety glasses take priority, BUT, get that mask back situated properly again as soon as is safe and practical.

We’ve had some mixed reports that safety glasses and masks are getting a little more relaxed wrt compliance around the space. The biggest reason LMN works is that we all contribute to and participate in making the space a safe place to work and play.

Please, keep this in mind as we continue into the New Year and help us support a healthy and safe community!



Just for clarification, and to be sure I’m complying with the rules as a new member, I have 2 questions:

  1. Are glasses required whenever we are in the shop area, or only when operating equipment?

  2. Are masks required to be on when across the shop from another person, or is social distancing adequate?

Thanks for clarifying for me!