Hang maker area signs

A few of our area signs aren’t currently mounted above the areas (and frankly a few are quite dirty.) Signs need to be located, wiped down/cleaned up, and mounted.

Signs like Crafts, and Digital Fab can be mounted above their respective doorways with sticky tape.

Member Storage can be hung from the sign of the mezzanine with screws (though remember to check that it’s level when attaching!)

We’ll need solutions for blacksmithing, machine shop, and the woodshop, as well. If you’re interested, look around and suggest a location you think is good! And let us know here if additional hardware will be needed to mount them here.

Please leave a comment once you’ve finished any part of this, and thank you in advance!

Signs cleaned, chains and hardware located.

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All signs hung except for woodshop sign (which probably is the least needed. also i cant find it)

Marking resolved, thanks Laura!

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