Halloween costume 3D Print

Hello all! I’m looking for a checkout to help make a 3D print of ram horns for an eleven year old’s Halloween costume? I would really appreciate if anyone can help with this! Thanks all! ~Aubree

Hi Aubree!

Tagging @Jimmy and @Evelyn to see if they can help you schedule a checkout.

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Hi @marsh537 !
Does 4:30pm this Thursday work?

Thank you for the tag @Arialia !

Hi @Evelyn ! I work until 5, but I could meet at ~5:30 on Thursday?

Let’s do that!
See you then

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Hi Evelyn! I found someone on campus who is able to help me with this print, so I will not need to be checked out anymore. Thank you so much though, I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for the heads up!
Good luck on the costume!