Great wheel repair tasks (woodworking)

The big spinning wheel needs some repairs, they seem like fairly simple woodworking for the most part. It’s from the 1880s and is a little tired.

  • 2 spokes need to be reattached and more may be loose.

  • a handle for one of the tension screws needs to be reattached. The rest of the tension screw handles seem a little loose and could maybe use some preemptive attaching.

  • the post holding up the spindle is very loose and is currently being held in place by a strip of fabric. It should be loose enough to move for adjustment but is currently pulling to the side from the tension of the yarn.

It also needs new drive bands which I can do after it’s reassembled. If anyone wants to work on this I can explain how things need to fit together in more detail.

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I can take a look at it and probably fix it.

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I talked to a spinner friend of mine, and if there are unusual issues, they recommended this person

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When are you free to maybe work on this together? Or at least go over what needs to be done

@Evelyn it seems like really simple repair since it’s such a basic wheel and all the fiddly bits seem to have been replaced somewhat recently but that’ll be useful if they break again

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I spin and do leatherworking if there are leather bits that need to be replaced. I really need to make it downtown towards the weekend so I can come in and see the place. I wish Mid-day Wednesdays were open because I’m already downtown for classes >~>;

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I tried my hand at turning a new spoke out of a piece of pine and it came out fairly accurately. One of our members (Dave), donated a chunk of red oak for the actual piece and if that piece is needed, I can duplicate it.


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