Graphic design and copy help with mail campaign

Is anyone available and interested in helping with some graphic design and wordsmithing for a direct mail campaign we’re putting together?

We want to print batches of this mailer on card stock to provide to USPS for “every mailbox” deliveries on specific routes in the area. Here are the details we want for them:

  • Each piece will be around 5.5" x 8.5". Evelyn is getting estimates from a printer to help us find the ideal size to minimize the printing cost so we’ll have more precise dimensions soon.

  • The top right must have a printed indicia for postage (see attachment).

  • The top middle must have a printed indicia for the delivery label (see attachment).

  • A blank placeholder where we can put stickers or print custom URLs to associate each mailer with a specific delivery route.

  • Include a miniature map showing how to find our space.

  • Include the Lansing Makers Network name, logo, address, and phone number.

  • 2-3 action shots of people enjoying using tools, taking classes, and following all safety protocols.

  • 2-3 sentences along these lines:

    1. Build your dreams here, become a member
    2. Take a class, have a guided experience, and leave with a thing
    3. Support our fantastic community organization by donating
  • Details about a specific ask that we need to finalize with Brian (something that will help draw more people to our makerspace).

If you’re interested in helping with the design, please let me know!

Here are the USPS guidelines for mailer dimensions and labels:

eddm-quick-reference-guide.pdf (607.8 KB)