Good afternoon! introductions here :D

Hi! My name is Eli, username is hoid. I’m a new spaceforce volunteer! I haven’t been around the space much (one time). Just moved nearby I’m going to Lansing community college at the moment, apart of the cybersecurity program. For fun, I like to play guitar, read books (fantasy and philosophy mainly), go on runs/a little crossfit, hiking/camping, gardening, basketball, and pretty much anything on a computer that involves problem solving!

Some of my fav books: stormlight archive, poisonwood bible, conquest of bread…
Fav artists: Rainbow, dire straits, Chumbawumba, megadeath, sum41, falling in reverse and a handful of punk :wink:

Nice to meet ya!

  • Eli

P.S. I did not realize username would be displayed first; that is why it’s not my name…


Welcome to our community, Eli!

Hi Eli!
I look forward to nerding out over some of your reading!