Glass Vacuum Chamber

I noticed we have a table with a rubber seal, vacuum pump, and glass chamber in the jewelry area. It looks like it hasn’t been used in a while.

I have a project which requires degassing some 2 part urethane casting plastic (Smooth-on 66D) and I was going to build my own vacuum chamber, but the one in the space would work just as well or better. Would that be a permissible use if the equipment? If so, is a checkout required? I would be interested in doing that this weekend if possible.

@TEAM_Jewelry @Heather

I apologize…I did not receive a notification for this post. Thankfully, you were able to speak to me on Friday. I’m going to tag @jody to hopefully be able to help you w/ this.

No problem, Heather. I was able to mix my resin and degas it in a mason jar with a port in the lid which was easier in the end than using a full vacuum chamber.

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