Gig Posting: Concrete Pour

Hey all!

I need someone experienced with pouring concrete forms to help me with a pour sometime before the 23rd of May. It would be for two 12” diameter forms with 4 large support screws embedded inside. These would act as supports for the legs of this large sign-like sculpture Im working on. Ive attached a photo of a similar setup to what I would need.

I can pay $150 and Ill provide the materials. If you don’t want to do payment I can also just help you out on a project or bake you food, whatever works!

Contact me via (401) 601-0119

Thank you,


(Let me know if this is against a rule to post a gig request and I will take it down!)

Looks like the photo didn’t make it.

I don’t know how similar it is, but I made some cylinders with pvc pipe, cap and eye bolt at one end, and handle attached and embedded at midpoint which were filled with concrete. Is this close to what you are doing?

Fixed the image!

Let me know if this helps clarify.



Sadly, the work that I did was not similar to this. It would be best to find someone other than me to help with this project.

I think you can still get round concrete forms at menards. I believe they are quickreet brand but its been a while.

The most secure way to attach the anchor studs to the concrete is to bolt them to a plate and set the plate deep into the form while pouring. I might be able to help out this weekend if you still need it