General checkout procedure

Sorry if this is posted somewhere and I overlooked it. I couldn’t find it in the manual.

New member and would like to be checked out on everything in the space eventually. I’m sure it will take some time, but I’m more interested in learning all I can rather than actually making anything specific.

I see that there are days that people do general checkouts for each area. Does that happen often?

Also, is it better to post in this category? Or to post in the category for each area and tag it as a checkout request?

Thanks all!

I’m not sure about the policy overall. I run the checkouts for blacksmithing and welding (i.e. the stuff in the back). For that equipment, you can just request a checkout, or contact me.

Thank you! Blacksmithing and welding are completely new things to me, but I’d love to learn the operations if you’re willing to meet up. Would it be better if I came out to one of the open nights first?

I am teaching a class on Sept 10th, and I could meet after class if that works for you. The class ends at noon.

I’ll check what I have going on that weekend. Can I let you know by the end of this week?

Thanks for trying to fit me in, but it looks like I won’t be able to make it next Saturday after your class. I appreciate the offer and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it work!