Genaille-Lucas Rulers

I saw a video about Genaille-Lucas rulers by the VSauce guy the other day ( which are super cool (IMHO) rulers for multiplying numbers. In the video he mentioned that an image of them was available on wikipedia. Low and behold as most things are on Wikipedia it was an SVG. A little tweaking of the file later (ok, a lot… svgs meant for display are often not designed for laser cutting… but at least the geometry is there… you might just have to ungroup and rearrange until you’re blue in the face) and I managed to pop out a set of my own. Happy to share the file if anyone else is interested in making them.

Please do share! I would love to make a few of these.

Files below. I included the rld file I used including settings and such (for 1/8" plywood… verifying settings would probably be a good idea… YMMV) and the AI file I used for anyone’s tweaking pleasure. The original SVG is on the wikipedia page here:–Lucas_rulers

I’m also really interested in making a set of Napier’s Bones. Simlar function, but different method all together (lattice multiplication), but I haven’t had a chance to make an Illustrator version yet.


Lucas (1.3 MB)
Lucas Ruler.rld (1.3 MB)