Game Night interest?

Not sure who else enjoys board games, or what sort, so I thought I would see who might be interested in a game night at the space on a Friday or Saturday night, once a month or so.


I’m up for it! My fall weekends are getting filled up but I will make it if I’m able.

I’d be down. I’d probably be more available Friday nights than Saturdays.

Awesome. Let’s plan for Friday the 13th for whoever can make it. I can bring a couple of game options that can play somewhat quickly.

How does 7pm sound?

Sounds good to me. I have a few games like Takenoko, Tokaido, and hero realms I could bring as well if they sound appealing.

We brought Splendor, Sagrada, and Carcassonne with us.

Sorry to reply so late. Had some stuff come up and won’t be able to attend.