Future of wiki.lansingmakersnetwork.org?

So the wiki has been lacking from love and updates for a good long while. I don’t think we can/should ditch it because there’s a real need for a place for static content (manuals, maintenance logs, etc). I also know not everyone has an account to edit the wiki since we blocked new users to keep spam users out.

Any suggestions? Do we just make an effort to edit it and give it a good cleaning / update? Scrap it and find a better way?

It seems like we might be in a better position if talk.lmn keeps up since we can more readily suggest things like “Hey, make sure you add that to the wiki, awesome person.” I think it’s also a valuable thing (if its kept up to date) for potential members to see what they’re going to be joining, what’s available, how it all works etc.

Also a couple of quick polls:

How often do you visit wiki.lansingmakersnetwork.org?

  • Never
  • All the time
  • Regularly enough
  • Hardly ever
  • What’s this wiki thing?

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What kinds of things are you looking for if you go there, or would you like to see there if you don’t?

  • Board Minutes/Agendas
  • Policies / Rules
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Other Documentation (Manuals, Tips, etc)
  • Equipment Status
  • Equipment Lists
  • Other (reply to this topic)

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I would like the Wiki to stay. When I first was using Google to find a space to work, I stumbled on the LMN Wiki. It provided me with some insight about how the organization worked and I decided to join. I did notice that the Wiki wasn’t updated, but that didn’t deter me from joining.

I do think it helps with people like me, who like to read up about a place before joining. It’s helpful to current members for looking up information that is doesn’t change as much. Also, just for archival/historical purposes it’s nice to have a living document about LMN and it’s evolution.

Also, happy to help with editing.

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Awesome that’s great feedback to know that the wiki helped you make the decision to join!