Fusion Cam Questions

Hi there,

I need a little tutelage. I need to take some models from Fusion 360 and get them onto the CNC router. I know I could translate them into Vcarve, but some have mentioned that Fusion 360’s CAM module is pretty good. I’m wondering what would be the best approach - Convert the profiles for Vcarve or just use Fusions Cam module to generate the G-code?

That being said, if Fusion is the better approach, would someone be willing to evaluate my cutter paths to see how it would run on the CNC Router? I’m just doing simple 2D profiles in 3/4" plywood with a few pockets in a couple of pieces - no 3D profiles. I could also use some advice on how best to configure several pieces onto a single piece of plywood…maybe Vcarve is better for this?

Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated.


If you’re just doing simple profiles and pockets, I’d export the surfaces as DXFs and import them into vcarve for CAMing.

CAM in fusion gets easier once you’ve done a few parts in vcarve I think. Fusion is kinda like unlocking expert mode, you can tweak every little parameter. But it can be tricky before you know which parameters are “expert” level. :slight_smile:

That said, I’m happy to take a look at your fusion cam if you want to go that route.

As for the easiest way to get profiles out of fusion and into vcarve I use the trick in the video below (towards the end). I use the same trick to get my fusion stuff out to the laser as well (except I usually go through illustrator in between so that I can panelize multiple pieces.

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