Fundraising idea, sort of and membership dues, and Members no longer allowed to vote on board topics?

1.raise some money,
2, give the members a voice,
Situation: it seems at some point the bylaws were changed so that only Board votes on direction of the makerspace. If that’s true, I’m ok with that because I just pay to use the space. you guys do so much work and understand all the details. BUT, Members do want a voice.
and the maker space could use an infusion of cash. I don’t know how much but any significant amount might help.
Solution: allow 1 or 2 or more even if you so wish revolving seats on the board. Offer a seat on the board to any member who is willing to put up for a multi year membership. if they want an open hours membership for three years, they get a seat at the table. if they want a any hours for two years they get a seat at the table.
secondly, give the members a voice?: have one seat as an elected seat for any current member to vote on a candidate that has a year long open hours membership.
Third. permanent member of the board. Sitting on a board can look good for anyone, an infusion of 10 grand as a donation gets you a seat on the board for 5 years.

Protecting the space: any of these seats can be revoked by a super majority of the board and pro rated money donated will be refunded if there is deemed incompatibility with the member.

Not a complete solution but maybe it gets the old brain waves churning.
I’m not sure I’d do 10 grand but I know I I’d like a year long membership and if I do that kind of investment I might like a little more say in what is going on.

For clarity there was a special member meeting on October 2, 2018 where a vote was held on whether or not we should become a directorship. There were MANY members in attendance and the motion was passed in a landslide vote with only 1 member voting no. A quick search of Directorship Vote here on the talk site will turn up relevant posts and discussions.


for clarity I’m not saying I have a problem with it. I’m not focusing on it. I’m just suggesting ideas for positive change. and FYI 2018 was a very long time ago so keep in mind there might be many new members that dont understand the history of things.


Thanks alex! The discussion was up, but the outcome of the vote was not listed, so i’m glad it is now

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I think a one or two year term for a member “at large”, could help with the current distrust.

I get the impression that there are now no bylaws. A simple copy and paste would have had them displayed a few days ago, or the last 4.5 years.