Front Desk Computer Bootloop

So the front desk computer has not been consistently booting. It will stay active once it boots, but seems to have gone down or been shut off and sometimes gets stuck in a boot loop. If we replace the hard-drive, or the computer, i think a linux distro without permanant storage (some allow that as a boot option, so admins could still set it up, set bookmarks, etc.) may be helpful. It seems most of the use case is for web-applications and etc, so a read-only hard drive most of the time might really extend the life of the computer. If this is a good idea, i’d be happy to help with it.

If you are thinking about limiting the wear and tear on the computer, how about a small solid state drive?

That’s a good idea. Still some wear on that though so a read only ssd might still be worth considering

I’ll focus on upgrading the front desk this Sunday. We’ve already purchased a windows machine and SSD, so I will be setting those up.

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