Friday volunteer to-do list

In preparation for Be a Tourist in Your Own Town on Saturday, we’ll need to do a few things to prep the space. We will probably have over 100 visitors to the space.

Things that need doing:

  • Assemble the keychains (fobs and split rings). I’ve left them on the front counter.
  • Sweep the space.
  • Organize or tidy up the clutter on some of the tables. If time is an issue, use the time-honored practice of boxing it all up until after the event.
  • Clear the flex space (the center open area). Most of it can be temporarily stowed in the “Not Recycling” area. Kathy said she’ll be in to get her stuff Friday night.
  • Set up the giant games in the flex area.
  • Put up a table or two for member made stuff to display. Don’t know how much we’ll have.

I know this is a lot to do and I understand if all of it cannot get done. If someone could post what got done, that will let me know how early I have to come in on Saturday Morning. I’m sorry I’ll be unavailable tomorrow but I will be here all day Saturday for the event.

Thanks everyone so much for your help.


We also need to relocate the double stack of shelves/tables that are partially blocking the egress door in craft.

Ok - I completed the split rings on the souvenir lasered keychains. Also, Ray and I contacted our source and purchased 144 additional split rings for more keychains tomorrow. Both the completed keychains and the additional split rings are on the Front Desk. (Yes, Brian, I submitted the reimbursement. TY)

See you tomorrow morning.

marking post as solved.