Freight transport opportunity!

In another message, @Rhett posted a link to a machinery auction. He put in a winning bid for the granite surface plate, which will be a nice addition to the machine shop.

It a big slab of granite, about 36" by 24" by 4", weighing 300-400 pounds. So you can maybe start to see the issue. It’s hard to move that in a Honda Accord.

We’ve got about 10 days to go pick it up. It’s just east of Grand Rapids. Is anyone with a pickup truck or other suitable vehicle able to help us? I’ll happily chip in for gas and lunch.

Presumably they have a forklift or other equipment to load it into a truck bed or trailer. Weekdays are preferred, but we could arrange a weekend pickup.

My schedule is totally full, but my trailers are not. If it helps I have a small open trailer (6x8?) and a larger enclosed one (6 x 12).

The pickup timeline got changed a bit, I just got this message:

“Cascade will be shut down at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, Nov 13th, and will reopen on Monday, Nov 18th at 8:00 am. There will be no removals after 4 pm on Wednesday until they reopen.”