Free plywood, pegboard, and MDF

I have a pile of 1/4" plywood salvaged from a demolition project. Some small nail holes. 1/2 sheets and some full sheets. If you want some let me know. Easier if you pick it up, but I’ll help you load it.

Also, I have maybe 8 sheets of white pegboard from the same project - good condition.

Also also - in the shop there are 2 pieces of 1’x8’ MDF and 2 pieces of maybe 10" x 8’ MDF. Free to take if you want it, if it is still here and unclaimed in a week or so I’ll put it in the dumpster.


I’m interested in at least the pegboard, maybe more.

Sure thing. We’ll just have to meet sometime to pick it up. MWF are good for me.

I’d be interested if you still might have a few sheets of 1/4" ply left (any size) for a project that I’m doing (laser cutting out small canoes for the Quiet Water Symposium children’s area).

This week Wednesday I will be attending the LMN board meeting, I have time after that, or Friday would work.

Will have to be next week I think.

There is a lot of material, shouldn’t be a problem.

Let me know what day works.


Wednesday or Friday work?

It should… My SUV is in the shop and I expect it to be done by Tuesday. I’ll be available after 6pm both Wednesday and Friday. If those times work. If not let me know.

Lou asked me to pick up some of the plywood for him.



Lets plan on meeting Friday, sometime around 6 at the maker space.


Sounds good! See you then.