Free heavy duty power tools

I have two large tools in my barn that I rarely (or never) use. A little surface rust but as far as I know working. A bandsaw (delta? Heavy) and a weird combination table saw/jointer/drill press combo (also insanely heavy). Never have had the time to figure out the last one. Have had them both for maybe 20 years but they are older than that.

The bandsaw might be suitable for the makerspace with a bit of reconditioning and new blade. I would give it there first, but otherwise first come first serve. Free to good homes. Cast iron construction, will need some muscle and.a truck.

I’m interested in it. Do you know the size and horsepower?

No, i inherited them quite a few years ago without any manuals. You are welcome to come by any time and look at them if you want.

I would love to take a look. When can I come by? I have very open availability today and Friday

Friday works. Home all weekend.

I’m open to come out any time today. Give me a call if you want 248-245-0934