Free barn wood, in Clinton County

A farmer tore down an old barn sort of near me, and piled up a lot of the wood. I was told the barn was at least 128 years old. The sign by the road said “Free barn wood”. It’s located on the corner of Wacousta Road and Pratt Rd, north of Grand Ledge. I think the truly big beams have been removed, but the pile as of yesterday was still 8-10’ high and 20-30’ long. It looked like it was pushed together with a loader or forklift.

It’s all mixed dimensions, mixed ages, and probably mixed species. I saw a fairly new 2x6 next to wood that was dark grey with age. Some of it is splintered, most was rough-sawn. Everything has nails, bolts, and holes, and there are nails poking at random, so watch your step. People are taking stuff from the pile already. If you want to take a chance, you might find something interesting. I have a couple of pictures if anyone is interested.