Forge propane tank PSI gauge broken

The psi gauge attached to the flow regulator for the propane line on the blacksmithing forge.

This makes the forge very difficult to use, as I have no idea what psi the propane is feeding at.


When I came in around 2:30 today to start working on dressing my new hammer, the forge was still warm. I did not notice the gauge was broken until I attempted to start the forge. The glass is cracked, the inner face of the gauge is bent inwards, and the needle will not move.

Crap. Please consider the forge out of order until a replacement can be installed. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will get on repairing it ASAP.

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Update: I was in briefly today to check out the problem. It appears we will need to fully replace the regulator. I will see about ordering one for us.

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Has this been fixed yet? Has a new part been ordered? If the forge is down because the gage is broken, there isn’t a lot of blacksmithing I can do.

It’s not like other sections of the shop, where if a saw is broken, I can just use a different saw. The forge is kinda the whole deal.

The forge will be fixed by end of day monday

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yeah sorry for the long down time. I was under the impression that the gauge was a permanent part of the regulator and was looking for a replacement for the whole thing. Mike pointed out to me yesterday that the gauge is removable and offered to fix it. I am very sorry for my mistake. I am however very happy that it is a much simpler fix than I thought it was.


The forge is functional. The gauge currently installed is a temporary solution to get it functional while a 30 psi gauge is sourced.