Forge Brick Issue


Affected Tool or Resource: [Forge]

Team, Group or Volunteer who usually handles this type of ISSUE or REQUEST (Please tag using the @ symbol. Start by typing @TEAM_ to find most responsible teams): [@TEAM_Blacksmith ]

Details of ISSUE or REQUEST (Please be as specific as possible):
[While working on a hook one of the interiror bricks crumbled and fell down. I shut off the forge immediately. It appears they need replacing, about one half of the brick has crumbled away. I placed the pieces on the side water table.]

Please remember that VOLUNTEERS will be helping to resolve this issue. While everyone works very hard to fix things quickly, sometimes things take time. Please consider Volunteering to help keep everything working well in our makerspace!

Thank you for your help!


crap. I noticed there was a loose one when I was in on saturday but I was hoping it still had some life left in it. I’ll get it replaced. Thank you for letting me know.