Folks still looking for a CNC Checkout

Gary - I, too, would like to take the CNC Router Checkout. I will be here at the Makerspace at 6pm today (Friday 10/27/17).

P.S. Hiya @pat.hepfer :smiley:

I’m eager to take the cnc router checkout, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon or evening would be good times

Me too! Sorry I’m late to the bandwagon. I can wait for the next go around

Hey @Gary and @RealCarlRaymond,

@pguins stopped by tonight wondering when we might be able to get a CNC checkout going for him. Can either of your work with him to get something scheduled?

Sounds like evenings except for Wednesday might work, but I’ll leave the details to you gentlemen. :slight_smile:

I set up a CNC checkout class for 2:00pm Saturday, Nov. 11. I have two people so far, and can take 2-3 more.


Carl - I (and Ray) would like to take the CNC class this coming Saturday at 2pm as well, please. Thanks!

Melody :slight_smile:

If there’s still space Carl, I would love to join!

OK, with Nate we’ve got five now, and that’s a good size. I’m capping it here.

If anyone else is interested, open a new topic, and we’ll find a time and set up an EventBrite event for it, and solicit more bodies. (This is the usual way, and this session snuck in the back door!)

Looking forward to making some sawdust. (Neatly contained in the vacuum, of course.)

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