Fixed: Table Saw Dust Collector Not Working


Affected Tool or Resource: Gray Dust Collector For Table Saw Jointer Planer

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Motor was humming without spinning, tripped breaker. Believe it may be the start capacitor. Start capacitor looks like a 600 MFD. For the time being I hooked up the green dust collector from the other planer. It only has 2 connection points so the router table is disconnected for now.

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Any updates on this problem? I was in today, using the planer. The green dust collector didn’t have much suction on the hose to the planer. I cleaned out a plug of sawdust in that hose, but it didn’t improve it by a whole bunch, IMHO. It was easier to disconnect the dust collector completely, and clean up a whole whopping pile of sawdust after.

The symptoms certainly sound like a bad capacitor. I think my meter could test it if I remember to bring it this weekend. In Ryan’s photo, it is a 600mfd rated at 125v and I believe we’ve been running that motor on 230v. Here is a 250v rated replacement for $17.

ABC Capacitor 600MFD 600uf 250V Cylindrical AC Motor Starting Capacitor

This is fixed now. A new capacitor made it happy.


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