First time checkout request Digital Oscilloscope and Reflow Oven

This is my first time using this forum. Any help or pointers would also be appreciated. Also looking for pointers on how to better read schematics.

Hello! Thanks for making a post on the talk site. I’m tagging the electronics area manager, @RealCarlRaymond. He might be able to help you with any checkouts regarding the area and advice on electronic related questions.

I appreciate that, thank you!

Hi Tonic,

Welcome to LMN!

I’d be happy to get you going in Electronics. How about Thursday at 7:00pm. I can show you how to use the scope and oven, and get you acquainted with everything we have. I’ll also try to help with schematics or design if I can.

Hi RealCarl,

Thanks for the welcome. Thursday 7pm works great for me. I’m really looking forward to it!