First design on Thingiverse

I stayed up way too late last night setting up my Thingiverse account and uploading my first design, for my threaded knobs.

I’ll be putting more stuff up over the coming days.


Love the assembly video!

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Can this be applied to the Wood Clamps? I get bruises in the palms of my hands from the handle that is not much wider than the screw clamps threads.

I have occasionally been seeing on youtube wood workers replacing much of their wing nuts and such with purchased products similar what you have here.

@RealCarlRaymond I recently got a ender 5 pro. Pretty good unit. But it’s nearly as dialed in for making faceshields so I’ve been using it to print anything else I want while my prusas are busy. I just started printing your model! Thanks for sharing. I’ll post follow up photos.

Awesome design and video!

So all I had was 1/4”-20 x 1/2" but it worked well!

@RealCarlRaymond here it is printed on the Mars with clear resin

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