First Aid tasks

First aid seemed to go over well, and we’ve had suggestions on how to make the space safer

-Sign on front door dictating AED location
-Add a a task to check the battery of the AED once a month
-Add sign on floor showing the warning signs of stroke (FACE)
-Add a sharpie to every first aid kit
-Add sign for local poison control phone number near each phone
-Add hot packs to first aid kits
-Add a few extra cheap razors to AED kit


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I put a cheap razor and permanent marker in the AED cabinet in the front office. I also put a permanent marker in the first aid kit in the front hall. The first aid kit back by the forge area still needs a marker.

What do we need for signage specifically? Do we have an example of an “AED inside” sign or the front door, for example, or the stroke warning signs? Seems like an ideal application for the laser cutter folks. Or is there a vinyl cutter on site that would work for this?

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