Finishing up the move

Hey folks,

We have a reasonable amount of things that need to be moved from St. Joe’s over to Alpha. It’s all stuff that can be easily moved in a truck.

I am aiming to be transporting stuff on Thursday at noon, let me know if there’s any ideal time for anyone else! And let me know if you can bring a truck!

Danielle, are you talking about Aug 26th? I’m available then at the moment, and I have my truck. How much stuff is left to move?


I may be able to help as well.

I will be there for sure.

Hey Tony!

Yes August 26, there’s at least a few loads there if not more. If you show up with your truck we could maybe aim to do 3 truck loads tomorrow. So that we don’t overdo it

Thanks Alex and penny4urcode!

HI Danielle,
I will bring my truck and trailer at noon on Thursday to the St. Joe space.

That would be ultra amazing!! Thank-you Jerry!

OK. I’ll be there a little late, probably around 12:30-12:45.

Hi Danielle,

I can be there at noon, or earlier, on Thursday with a truck and trailer. Please let me know if you’d like me to bring the trailer.

Tom Herdt

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the offer, but I think it’s been all cleaned out!

I should have specified the date, this was for last Thursday!