Finally Finished!

If you look around the space, you’ll notice a sizeable absence of a large pile of oak wood and a largish board made of scraps. That’s because I finally finished the table I’ve been working on for the last ten months. A large project, to be sure. Half the time, I had practically no idea what I needed to do to finish it. But with a lot of advice and more hours spent gluing than I ever thought possible, it is finally done and sitting in my house. The tabletop is made entirely of scraps gathered from the wood pile at Lauensteins. Planed and jointed and glued into panels. The legs I purchased, and then I ebonized the wood using a process detailed on the talk site.

I owe a lot of thanks to the many people who talked me through the process of making this table. Without the good advice of Mike and Carl and Brian and others, this thing would not have come out as nice as it did.

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And here are a few in-process shots, just for reference.

And finally, the obligatory awkward eating a meal on the table photo.

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I wondered what this project was, @Rossi.Bossi The table turned out really nice. And, yes, ever since @RayKurtis and I went to Lauensteins to get wood, we’ve been super happy with the friendliness of the staff and the caliber of wood. Thumbs up

@conejita42 I’ve actually never bought wood from them. I’ve only raided the scrap pile. But they’re really good natured about my raids.

That’s exactly what the scrap pile is for. The staff actually encouraged Ray and I to go through the scraps. We found some really nice pieces in the bin, as well as found a very nice piece of walnut in the sale area, for Ray to make a very nice Cribbage board. :slight_smile:

So dope!
Excellent stuff.

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